Services: MA-Diagnostic


Market Access-Diagnostic

Is there a fit between needs and capabilities?

The company‘s product(s)market access /pricing & reimbursement strategy and the country’s Healthcare Pricing & Reimbursement systems and policies will define the needs and required market access capabilities at national, regional and local levels. Besides clinical and health-economics evidences, systematic stakeholder management, strategic-/political, strategic, and tactical negotiation skills are required.

 Company objectives and strategy derived MA requirements

Based on the company’s launch objectives and strategy the 10 Pricing & Reimbursement key success factors have to be developed and considered for decision, e.g. primary indication, reference products, strength sequencing, domino, etc…

 Requirements based on national, regional local systems and policies

The definition of clinical and health-economic evidence requirements for planned countries of launch has to be done early in the development process.

 Company market access capabilities

Health-economics knowledge on required study types, CMAs, CCAs, CBAs, CEAs, CUAs, shared-risk alternatives, collaborative study and PPP approaches, corporate negotiation capabilities, etc… based on country policies and stakeholders needs.

 Competition considerations

Competitive pricing strategy requirements to be considered, skimming, price-volume, tendering.


ø Deliverable: Market access requirements plan recommendations