Services: P&R / HE strategy development


Pricing & Reimbursement (P&R),
Health-Economics (HE) Strategy Development

Given company and product /services evidence based pre-requisites, local policies and competition, what are potential strategic alternatives and options?

The appropriate Market Access / Pricing & Reimbursement strategy will depend on countries’ needs, policies, competition and the companies’ products types, indications, products /services profiles, the strength of clinical and health-economic evidences and strengths of advocates.

 Development of market access strategy

Conjoint development with client company and potentially with support of key stakeholders.

 Value proposition development support

Development of appropriate value propostion, based on target profile, planned and /or available evidence.

 Target Price finding

The target price will mainly depend on type of market: private, public, hospital, retail , value perception by deciders, strength of premium sustainability.

 Health- Economics evidence check and gaps

Health-economics evidence checks and gaps result from the assessment of policy and stakeholder needs compared with what evidence is available and planned.

 Reimbursement alternatives

Private market with private health insurance, full public reimbursement, patient co-payment, hospital funding.


ø Deliverable: Market Access Strategy /Plan recommendations